There are so many things that I love about the Wonderbag – the versatility, how pretty they are, the practicality and saving, and the fact that you can cook really healthy nutritious meals, where all the goodness stays in the pot! As we approach the warmer months in some regions of the world, one tends to look for lighter meals. Meals that do not take so long to cook, as you want to make the most of the daylight and the warm evenings. With my blog and the recipes I develop and share, I am going to try and cater for all regions – those going into winter and those entering summer. By the end of the year you should have a great stash of wonderful recipes for winter and summer, and, they will keep on coming. With all meals cooked in the Wonderbag, I love that all the goodness of the meat and vegetables is retained in the pot, forming the sauce. Nothing is drained off or evaporated away, as all the magic happens in the sealed pot in the Wonderbag. The recipe that we are sharing with this blog, is a Sticky Asian style chicken. Light and fresh and quick and easy to prepare. You can use skinless, boneless thighs as the recipe says, OR any cut of chicken or Turkey. It is light and fresh with some colourful vegetables for flavour, colour and taste, and cooked in a sauce with flavours of soy, honey, garlic and ginger. The fresh coriander and spring onions at the end add a freshness and fragrance to your meal. Serve with basmati rice or even fresh bread!

Look out for the recipe today and enjoy!

Chat soon,

Chef Ursula