About Wonderbag

What is the Wonderbag?

The Wonderbag is the eco-friendly slow cooker, which is both portable and non-electric.

It continues to cook food, which has been brought to the boil by conventional methods for up to 12 hours, without supervision or the additional use of power. There’s no battery, plug or fuel required, saving your energy and the energy in your home.

By reducing time spent cooking, the Wonderbag gives you the freedom to enjoy more of what you love.

For every large Wonderbag. purchased in the developed world, another Wonderbag is donated to the Wonderbag Foundation, helping to support families in need throughout Africa.

How does it work?

Wonderbag’s clever design allows food to be slow cooked and retain heat once inserted and sealed.

It works in four, easy steps: Boil it, bag it, stand it and share it.

Simply bring your food to the boil, let simmer, then place your pot (with lid on), into your Wonderbag. Pull firmly on drawstring, and allow the bag to begin the slow cooking process for up to 12 hours. The heat retention technology makes it impossible for food to dry out or burn.

When should I use the Wonderbag?

The Wonderbag is the perfect companion for everyday eco-friendly, nutritious, slow cooking. Take advantage of it’s versatility and enjoy your favourite home-cooked healthy dishes at picnics, dinner parties, sporting, camping and other recreational activities.

Allow a pot of bolognaise or barbeque-pulled chicken to simmer in the boot of your car for you and family to enjoy after a day at the beach, hiking or game viewing.

How is the Wonderbag different from other slow cookers?

The Wonderbag is powerless, yet incredibly powerful.

Where most conventional slow cookers utilize power to operate and cook, the Wonderbag’s revolutionary insulated heat-retaining technology keeps your food cooking and hot for up to 12 hours after boil.

With no direct heat or flame, Wonderbag. will never overcook or burn your food. It’s worry-free and hassle-free!

Can the Wonderbag be used for anything other than slow cooked recipes?

Absolutely, from meaty stews and vegetable curries, to simple rice, beans, pasta, and soups, the Wonderbag. cooks food beautifully and thoroughly.

Meat is perfectly tender and vegetables retain their flavour and texture.  The Wonderbag. will also double as a cooler bag keeping your food and drinks chilled.

How do I know how long to cook foods in the Wonderbag?

The recommended time for grains is 1 hour; chicken is 3 hours; dried beans 3-4 hours; and red meat 4 hours or more.

While the length of time that you cook depends upon the recipe, we recommend boiling until all ingredients are heated through before placing your pot into the Wonderbag.

The longer you leave your food to cook, the tender it will be. The Wonderbag. comes with a recipe booklet to provide ideas and guidance, after a few times using the Wonderbag; you will get the hang of it!

Can I check on the progress of the food cooking while it’s in the bag?

Avoid opening your bag until you’re ready to serve the food as checking it even once will release essential heat. If you do open, place back on the stove for a few minutes to bring back to a boil and place again in the Wonderbag. if cooking is not completed.

How long does food in the Wonderbag stay cooking and hot?

This depends on a number of factors – the amount of food (the fuller the pot, the better), how dense the dish is (the denser, the longer it stays hot), even the weather outside (the hotter the weather, the longer the dish stays hot!). However, on average, dishes will stay hot (over 185ºF/85 ºC) for approximately four hours and 150ºF/65ºC for a further four hours.

What is the Wonderbag made out of?

The Wonderbag. is a simple fabric bag that is filled with repurposed foam chips. The colourful machine washable poly-cotton blend bag, closes with a drawstring to adjust the bag to fit a 2-9 quart/litre pot that seals in the heat.

How do I open my Wonderbag after purchase?

  1. Remove all packaging and smooth out the bag.
  2. Loosen all the foam chips and shake the bag well.
  3. Allow the bag to stand to ensure all foam chips have regained their shape.

What is the “Wonderbag Effect” in Africa?

Wood fire cooking is the source of major socioeconomic, health and environmental issues in Africa. By reducing the need for firewood collecting and usage as well as the time spent cooking, the Wonderbag. empowers women across Africa to participate in more activities outside of the home enhancing their quality of life.

Children have more time to go to school, families remain healthier due to lower incidence of smoke inhalation related illness, reduced risk of burns and fewer acts of violence occur when collecting firewood. The Wonderbag. also has dramatic environmental effects saving water, reducing your carbon footprint and minimizing deforestation.

How does the Wonderbag Foundation contribution work?

For every large Wonderbag. that is sold, another Wonderbag. is donated via the Wonderbag. Foundation, to a family in need within a designated community in a developing country.  You can learn more about the foundation and our giving tips here.